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انواع انیمیشن


Active Transport

Watch active transport occur through a membrane

Aerobic Respiration

The Entire Glycolysis and Kreb's Cycle

Membrane Phospholipid Bilayer

Example of a phospholipid bilayer forming microspheres

Features of Cells

prokaryoitc, plant and animals cells are compared

Cytoskeleton of the Cell

description of microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments

Electron Microscope

How an electron microscope works

Energy Flow

Energy flow and material cycling is presented

Eukaryotic Cell Structure

compare a plant cell and an animal cell


description of basal body and flagella on the microtubule level

The Light Microscope

details how a light microscope works.

Membrane Proteins

Phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins

Nucleus and Endomembranes

Shows how the nucleus works with the endomembrane system

Passive Transport

diagrams passive transport of glucose molecules

Active Transport

ATP is used to create a protein that can pump

Binding Saturation

Shows how an a receptor can get saturated.

Biochemical Pathway

A visual explanation of a membrane-bound biochemical pathway.


excellent description symport and antiport transporters and Na ion pump.


vizualization of diffusion and factors effecting diffusion

Diffusion 1

shows diffusion into a cell

Endo- and Exo-cytosis

endocytosis and exocytosis are graphically presented

Energy for Activity

Energy look up for different activities

Enzyme Action

The action of sucrase is explained


Generic description of enzyme action

Facilitated Diffusion

generalized facilitated diffusion is diagrammed and explained

Feedback Inhibition

generalized example of feedback inhibition in a biochemical pathway.

Horizontal Transfer

Transfer of genes between species

Proton Pump

description of the proton pump complex and chemiosmosis

Sodium and Potassium

the sodium and potassium pump is explained

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